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Four Goals of Myofunctional Therapy

1- Nasal breathing 

Breathing through the nose is the way we were designed to breathe!  It filters, moisturizes , warms the air and prepares it for your body.  Healthy nitric oxide which has natural viral killing power is also released  when you breathe through your nose.  10-15% more oxygenation occurs with nasal breathing.  

2- Mouth Closed proper lip seal 

Our lips should rest naturally and comfortably together ,  When your mouth is closed , you sleep better at night, recover from illness faster  and have a lower risk for getting tooth decay and gum disease. As the lips are a natural retainer they also assist in preventing orthodontic relapse. 

3- Elevated Tongue posture 

The tongue is meant to fill up the entire roof of the mouth. When it does, it provides an internal support structure for the upper jaw.  If your tongue is in the right place your teeth will have room to grow in straight and your face and airway will develop properly.  The tongue plays an amazing role in our facial appearance . Keeping your tongue up on the roof of the mouth is also critical for keeping your airway open at night.  

4- Swallowing pattern 

If your tongue pushes forward or sideways when you swallow , you have a tongue thrust swallowing pattern. This makes you more likely to swallow small amounts of air when you eat and drink and you may experience digestive issues such as acid reflux, stomach pain, gas and bloating.  It can also affect the natural rhythms of your body, 

An open mouth resting posture with a low resting tongue is more than just a bad habit. Mouth breathing in children leads to problems with facial growth and development and adults who mouth breathe are more likely to snore and develop sleep apnea . People who are tongue tied often mouth breathe so they also experience a variety of myo functional problems and related symptoms. Chronic jaw pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension,  clenching and grinding along with dental and orthodontic issues are quite common in people who have tongue-ties. Your braces will not be as effective if mouth breathing and low tongue posture  is not addressed.  

There are many reasons to address your myo functional health today including sleep, breathing , facial development.  If not with me,  find someone to help you or your children with these issues. It takes a little effort but with someone working alongside you to help you stay focused and make it fun, you will be grateful you did! 

image credit : GoPex Good Oral Posture Exercises text inspiration: myfaceology

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