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ADD/ADHD and sleep

This is a comprehensive presentation on recognizing sleep breathing disorders related issues and various treatment options

Epidemic Answers

Elizabeth Walker DMD, MSD to discuss the relationship of obstructive sleep apneaand ADD/ADHD.

At least 70% of children who snore have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Many of these children are frequently diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD and are typically placed on medication when in fact their problems may be caused by sleep deprivation.

Children with OSA may exhibit the following symptoms:

As can be seen from the symptoms above, there is a lot of overlap between obstructive sleep apnea and ADD/ADHD.

Orthodontics centered around breathing, also known as “airway orthodontics”, addresses the root cause for children who snore or have apnea and can prevent it in children who don’t.

In addition, airway orthodontics can improve symptoms of ADD or ADHD and thus proclude the need for pharmaceutical intervention.

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