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Posture & Pilates

Pilates is a foundational movement education for the whole body. 
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Pilates is an appropriate practice for any age or fitness level, from professional dancer to senior citizen. This complete system of exercises strengthens and stretches the muscles and promotes coordination, core strength, and body awareness. 

The Pilates Method and Franklin Method Techniques complement any movement practice by strengthening the body in proper alignment with good body mechanics. Building strength, flexibility, and endurance into a well-organized body will translate into everything else you do, from gardening to long-distance running. 

Forward head posture and other postural issues are associated with myofunctional disorders such as tongue tie and low-tongue posture.

The Pilates Method and Franklin Method complement therapy by improving core strength, muscle and fascia relaxation, and improving function by understanding design. 

"Improving function by understanding design"
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Learn more about how your posture effects your overall wellness

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