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Frequently Asked Questions

What myofunctional services do you offer?


  • Comprehensive programs for all ages 

  • Parent coaching for younger ages 

  • Before and after care for tethered oral tissue (tongue-tie, lip or cheek-tie)   

  • Sucking Habit elimination (thumb, finger, pacifier, etc.)

  • Orthognathic surgery support

  • Sleep breathing disorder support (mouth breathing, snoring,  UARS sleep apnea )

  • TMJ dysfunction support 

  • Support with altered function due to aging or trauma 

  • Special needs programs

How often do I have appointments? 

As each person and family is unique in their needs, programs are personalized to reflect this. In a typical 12-15 session foundational program, we will meet every 1- 2 weeks for the first few sessions. Programs typically run for 1 year with frequency of appointments decreasing as new patterns become habit. Additional sessions and the total length of personalized therapy depends on your needs, ability,  and motivation.   


With younger children, in-person visits are typically less frequent, as parent coaching and a play-based approach are the main focus. We see much success when younger children work alongside an older sibling or parent who is going through the full program. 

Do you have online appointments? 

Yes!   We do offer regular sessions and parent consultations for young ones  via Zoom.

Do you accept insurance? 

Clover Valley Wellness is a fee-for-service practice. We provide you with a super bill and supportive documents to submit to your medical insurance company for reimbursement.  

We do accept payment through HSA health savings accounts.

How much does therapy cost? 

We offer individual sessions or packages depending on your needs. Please contact our office for our fee schedule.  


Below are some of my favorite websites and YouTube channels for educating yourself:


Self Help to Relieve Head, Neck, & Jaw Pain    learn self massage, stretching, habits to adjust to help you manage your pain.  80$ online course


Buteyko Clinic     Breathing education

Integrative Breathing therapy   information and research on breathing therapy utilized at Clover Valley Wellness 

Dr Steven Park, ENT on all things sleep and breathing related 

The Breathe Institute   Functional frenuloplasty and related topics 

Sarah Hornsby's  YouTube channel all about myofunctional health 

Studies on myofunctional therapy and sleep disorders


Studies on myofunctional therapy in relation to orthodontics  

Epidemic Answers  resources to learn more about the  epidemics of autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, autoimmune and other chronic children's  illnesses. 

Functional Medicine 

Foundation for Airway Health sign up to be an airway advocate or learn more about resources to support airway health 

Childrens Airway First Foundation   information on all topics related  airway health and team approach to addressing 

Parents guide to myofunctional therapy podcast 

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