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Optimizing your health and resilience 

through proper breathing, posture, and function

Giving you the tools to help yourself

Personalized Care & Coaching

Providing personalized, holistic services in partnership with other health care providers.

A team approach in restoring the way the body was designed to function. 

Breathing and Posture

A holistic approach to wellness through integrative functional  breathing education, including Buteyko breathing techniques and dynamic posture stability with the Pilates and Franklin Methods.

Myofunctional Therapy 

With our orofacial myofunctional programs, we are able to address incorrect resting posture of the tongue and mouth, along with re-training patterns of muscle function used for chewing, swallowing, speech, and breathing.  

Do you or your children experience ...

Sleep Breathing Issues

Tongue Tie

Thumb sucking or pacifier habit

Mouth Breathing

Orthodontic Issues

Tongue Thrust

Speech Difficulties

Poor Posture

TMJ & facial pain

These signs and symptoms can all be related to oral myofunctional disorders (OMD's) 

You are beautifully and wonderfully made!

Clover Valley Wellness (CVW) provides therapies and coaching for all ages that assist in restoring the way the body was designed to function by identifying and addressing orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD's), breathing dysfunction, and posture imbalances.  

Through  addressing the underlying causes and not just the symptoms and using a collaborative approach with other health care providers, our clients report many successes  that  include improved airway,  sleep,  performance and appearance.


Redwood City, CA

My daughter had TMJ and a slight lisp, due to thumb sucking longer than she should have. Karyn gave my daughter facial exercises, which helped tremendously! She no longer has lisps or symptoms of TMJ. Karyn is great with kids, very down-to-earth, and passionate about her work! 



14 years old

Roseville, CA

My life has changed drastically since experiencing myofunctional therapy. I'm able to breathe better! The exercises have helped change the way my body and mouth work. The effort is entirely worth the results!  


Auburn, CA

As a dentist, I learned a lot about [myofunctional therapy] from Karyn and would highly recommend her expertise. She made the process fun and motivating for our daughter, and the outcome was exactly what we needed. Karyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate! Thank you, Karyn!

Restore your body to the way it was designed to function. 

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